Egypt: The Motherland of History

Despite what we’re taught in school in the U.S., the roots of Western culture run way deeper than the European civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome. The roots of the Western world go all the back to ancient Egypt, That’s right, in Africa [gasp].

More on the Egyptian influence on Western culture, particularly Christianity, in another post. In the meantime, pyramids!

The Great Pyramid of Giza, built over 4000 years ago, is the only one of the seven wonders of the ancient world that is still standing today. It is the funerary complex for the Pharaoh Cheops’ and was constructed with an estimated 2.3 million blocks of limestone. Each block weighs several tons.

Calculations show that the workforce of about 20,000 workers (not slaves) put one block in place every couple of minutes. The workers were actually farmers, but when their fields were under the water of the Nile’s annual flood, they built the Great Pyramid, and the others at the site.

The Pyramids from the streets of Cairo. They are right there. DSCN1821
The Great Pyramid. DSCN1828
One 2.5 ton block every couple of minutes. DSCN1837DSCN1863
Sweet ride.DSCN1845Who’s uglier? DSCN1877
The Eastern edge of the Sahara desert. Being in the Sahara was a dream come true. IMG_20180217_085911The people lining up to enter the Great Pyramid. I skipped it, as my tour guide, Amina, said that there’s really not much to see — no treasure,  artwork or hieroglyphics.

The Sahara. IMG_20180217_103742
IMG_20180217_104143The Sphinx’s nose wasn’t knocked off by Napoleon’s army taking target practice. Another story, though not confirmed, is that a Sufi Muslim man who knocked off the nose because  others were making offerings to it as a god, and images of gods are against the rules of Islam.




  1. I really enjoyed this, thank you for sharing. So funny, too. “Who’s uglier?” Poor camel… Anyway, I do hope Egypt will be a dream come true for me also. It contains so many sacred temples and portals that can activate healing and supernatural gifts for those ready to awaken. Blessings. 💜


    1. Maria, I hope that you have a wonderful visit to Egypt, but this is an educational and fact-based blog, so don’t expect any healing or supernatural activity at the pyramids. That stuff is just not true


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