Museo Iconográfico del Quijote, or The Museum of Don Quixote Iconography

This museum was the highlight of my trip to Guanajuato, and it seems that the city itself is dedicated to Quixote. There are multiple statues and sculptures of Quixote throughout the city, and there’s an annual conference about the book put on the the Universidad de Guanajuato.

Please read this book. It’s long, but it’s worth it. It is the funniest book that I’ve ever read, and it is just as beautiful. Our hero, Don Quixote is a fool, they say. He has read so many books about valiant knights protecting the oppressed and downtrodden that he decides to become a knight himself and to go out on adventures to do the same. He convinces Sancho Panza to join him, and with his horse Rocinante and Panza’s donkey Dapple, the two head out to find bad guys to fight and wrongs to right.

Don Quixote is such an important book, that it even contributes to the English language. The word “quixotic” and the term “tilting at windmills” are inspired by the book. Quixotic means foolish or unrealistic and tilting at windmills means to be fighting imaginary enemies.

selfie w DQ.jpgA sculpture of Quixote just outside of the museum. Gotta love street art.

OI000181.jpgOI000184.jpgOI000185.jpgOI000186.jpgDon Quixote and his horse, Rocinante.

Don Quixote, Armando Romanelli, 1945.

OI000183.jpgOI000195.jpgThe museum’s inner courtyard. Colonial buildings certainly make wonderful museums.

My favorite part of the museum was the Cervantinian Chapel (the Capila Cervantina), with a great mural and sculpture of Quixote himself sitting down on a pile of books while reading one, as well. It was a spiritual experience for me, and probably would be for many other lovers of literature. OI000202.jpgOI000210.jpg


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“I love Quijote as much for his disasters as for his idealism because he can save the human race. I feel that Quijote is close to Christ”

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