Monarchs at Museo Ex-Hacienda de San Gabriel de Barrera

Every fall, the monarch butterflies that live East of the Rocky Mountains migrate from the northern parts of the U.S. to central Mexico where they spend the winter. The two or three that I saw at the Museo Ex-Hacienda de San Gabriel de Barrera seemed like they were going to be the first to arrive.


Not surprisingly the monarch population is in decline because their habitat is threatened by legal and illegal logging and conversion of the wooded lands to use for farming. Additionally, climate change seems to be negatively impacting the trees in which monarchs roost called oyamel fir trees.


In addition to its gardens, the museum is actually a home from the colonial period that has been restored to look like it did in the 19th Century.

OI000308.jpgThe home’s golden chapel


And some more butterfly pictures. The monarchs are camouflaged pretty well, can you find them? OI000301.jpgOI000300.jpg

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