El Pípila Monument: Viva la Revolución, part II

Although the tale is most certainly apocryphal, there is still a monument dedicated to el Pípila on a hill overlooking Guanajuato.

It’s about a 10-15 minute walk up to the monument’s base, and then a few more flights of stairs up to just below the flame. There’s a small exhibit at the base with the story of el Pípila as well. Make sure to go in the evening to catch the sunset and the lights’ turning on in the city.

OI000333.jpgOI000332.jpgHere’s a mural that you pass on the way up to the monument. It says “they come to exploit and take the gold and silver from Guanajuato. First it was the Spanish and now it’s Canadians.”OI000335.jpgOI000355.jpgOI000339.jpgOI000352.jpgOI000366.jpgOI000370.jpgOI000369.jpgOI000340.jpg“There are still more Alhóndigas to light on fire” — Guanajuato, September 1939


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