Pizza and Award-Winning Gelato in Florence

Gusta Pizza in Florence is up there with any pizza place in Naples. It’s in the Oltrarno neighborhood (across the Arno), which offers a respite from the tourist-filled streets around the Duomo, Accademia and Uffizi Gallery and an opportunity to get a feel for everyday life in Florence. To get to Gusta Pizza and the rest of Oltraarno, just walk across Ponte Vecchio, store-lined bridge from the 14th Century and is another of Europe’s wonderful bridges. It was the only bridge in Florence not destroyed in World War II and has always been crowded with stores hanging over its sides. Since the 15th Century it has been jewelers whose shops line the bridge, and before that tanneries, butchers and fish shops were there. P7262005.JPGP7262006.JPG
The backs of the colorful shops and their shutters dangling over the East side of Ponte Vecchio and the Arno River.P7262015.JPGFacing North on the Ponte Vecchio.

It’s fun to watch shopkeepers use the old-fashioned shutters to board up their stores at closing time, which I caught when I was in Florence in December 2016 in this one second video/unintentional GIF.

Gusta PizzaP7272068.JPGP7272070.JPGThe classic — Margherita pizza from Gusta Pizza.

Back on the North Side of the Arno, a little removed from the main tourist section of town is My Sugar, which was awarded Best Gelato in Florence in 2016! I had the dark chocolate (the one being scooped the picture below). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAP7272080.JPG


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