Florence’s San Miniato al Monte, part III: The Sacristy

For many, the sacristy the highlight of their visit to San Miniato al Monte. It closes earlier than the rest of the church, so if it’s open, be sure to check it out as soon as you arrive.

A sacristy is the room where priests keep and put on the garments that they wear for services. The sacristy was decorated in the 14th Century by an Olivertan monk named Spinello Aretino. Along the wall are frescoes depicting scenes from the life of St. Benedict, who lived between the 5th and 6th Centuries and is the patron saint of European students! One of his “accomplishments” is diving into a thorn bush upon seeing a beautiful woman. Guess he didn’t have his A-game that day.

Notice the stars painted along the walls , just like in the Great Synagogue and in Basilica of Santa Prassede, both in Rome. 

IMG_20170727_173745.jpgIMG_20170727_174655.jpgIMG_20170727_174525.jpgIMG_20170727_173902.jpgIMG_20170727_174557.jpgIMG_20170727_181045.jpgIMG_20170727_180606The bell by the sacristy door, rung to indicate an upcoming service

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