Florence’s San Miniato al Monte Church, part II

If you thought that the exterior was dope, just you wait ’til you get inside . . .

All the hallmarks of the Tuscan Romanesque style of architecture are here — semi-circular arches, geometric and zig-zagging patterns, and a wooden ceiling.

The southern wall also has something that I had never seen before — a fresco from centuries ago left incomplete in its first stages. All that is there are the outlines of two characters and a crucifix in the would-be background, which, without the rest of the details, loses its tromp l’oeil and just looks like a small and randomly-placed image. As my friend Steven says when he stops that think about the fact that he is paid to study History — What a world!


The three images above show the church’s tabernacle, from the the 14th and 15th CenturiesIMG_20170727_175421.jpg
As Romanesque as it getsIMG_20170727_174827.jpgIMG_20170727_175128.jpg
The central nave and the front wall of the churchIMG_20170727_180223.jpgAbove, the unfinished frescoIMG_20170727_181520.jpgIMG_20170727_190419.jpgThe spiral columns (called “Solomonic”) shown in the fresco above are typical of Baroque  Romanesque style architecture

IMG_20170727_181430.jpgDoes the mosaic on the floor of this side chapel look familiar?


IMG_20170727_181344.jpgIMG_20170727_181339.jpgIMG_20170727_175226.jpgIMG_20170727_175242.jpgIMG_20170727_180623.jpgStaircase in the choir section above the crypt

IMG_20170727_174200The mosaic in the apse, with Jesus holding out his arm. The fingers of his right hand are positioned to spell out the name “Christ” in Greek. This is common in the Greek Orthodox Church, but obviously less-so in the Catholic Church, so it’s a treat to see that here.



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