Mercado San Pedro in Cusco

One of first stops on my tour of Cusco was the main market – Mercado San Pedro, or “San Pedro market” where you can find anything from live frogs (to blend up for frog juice) to llama fetuses to bedsheets.  

What similarities and differences do you see between Mercado San Pedro and the market in Tangiers? Which of the GRAPES (Geography, Religion, Art/Architecture/Achievements, Political Systems, Economic Systems, Social Structure) do you see?

I tried to take a picture of the frogs, but the vendor covered them up and shooed me away unless I gave her money.


Some of the many varieties and colors of corn you’ll find in Peru. P4130596.JPGP4130597.JPGP4130594.JPGP4130593.JPGP4130598.JPGP4130599.JPGThese are dried llama fetuses that are used as an offering for good luck whenever a new building is constructed.

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