Some sculptures and fountains in Cusco

P4130673.JPGP4130672.JPGPachacuti statue and fountain in the Plaza de Armas. Pachacuti was a 15th Century emperor of the Incas, who is believed to be the emperor for whom Machu Picchu was built. P4140682.JPGP4140683.JPGP4140706.JPGP4140705.JPG A puma mother and her cubs on Calle Arequipa. The puma is one of the three sacred animals to the Incas — the other two are the condor and the snake.P4140686.JPGAn Inca woman, in the same park as the pumas.

An Inca woman, although the fact that it is a nude and muscular was unexpected. Maybe this sculptor was trying mix Inca and Greek and Roman traditions.

What is something that the 2nd and 3rd sculptures of Inca women have in common? P4140712.JPG
Some llamas, just chillin’ in a park.

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