My favorite museum in Cusco

There are several excellent museums in Cusco dealing with religion Inca culture. My first stop, and my favorite museum, was the Museo de Arte Religious del Arzobispado, which was near my hostel in the San Blas neighborhood.

The art was great, but my favorite part of the museum was the building itself — a colonial mansion with designs and tiles that reminded me of Islamic Spain. Anything that reminds me of Andalucia make me happy.

You won’t see any pictures of the art, though, as guests weren’t allowed to take pictures.

Remember, cultural diffusion is the spreading and mixing of different cultures — ideas, art, music, food, clothes, languages and more. What examples of cultural diffusion do you see in these photos?

P4130554.JPGThe museum entrance — arches, a courtyard and mosaics. I was awed from the start.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASome lovely tile workP4130560.JPGP4130567.JPGIntricate carvings on the doors

The museum was in a square at one end of a famous street in Cusco — Hathun Ruiyoq — which has an Inca wall on one side and a Spanish colonial wall on the other. The Inca wall is best-known for its 12-pointed rock:

P4130578.JPGP4130520 (1).JPG
A visitor checking out the 12-pointed rockP4130576.JPG
P4130525 (1).JPGNotice the Peruvian national flower and the sun disc on the street sign.



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