Cusco was once the capital of the Inca Empire and today is considered Peru’s most beautiful city. The Inca culture is still strong in Cusco, and there are many architectural gems from the Inca in the heart of the city from 500 years ago.

In the 15th century, Cusco became the center of the Inca world under Pachacuti. In the 16th century, two hundred Spanish conquistadors defeated over 100,000 Inca fighters for control of the city. The keys to their astonishing victory here and elsewhere throughout the Americas were horses, which the Inca did not have, and steel swords, against which the Inca could not defend themselves.

P4130532.JPGP4130533.JPGP4130530.JPGThe green doors on the left show the Spanish influence on the city’s architecture, and the brown ones on the right show Inca influence. P4130520.JPG
A street near my hostel. Notice the Inca architecture on the left compared to the Spanish wall on the right. Which one do you think took more time and skill to build? Why?
Look at how straight the blocks are and how perfectly they were cut to fit in with each other. P4130525.JPG
The street signs of Cusco have the Peru National Flower on each side as well as a image of the sun in the middle, another reminder of the strength of the Inca culture even today. P4130517.JPGI love doors, and the ones in Cusco did not disappoint!

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