A few hours in Puno

I had some time to kill between the end of my tour of Lake Titicaca and when my overnight bus left for Cusco, so I endeavored to check out some of Puno’s sights.

Turns out, there’s not much to see in Puno, but there is a cute restaurant, La Casa del Corregidor, with a courtyard, Spanish tiled roof and window frames that are painted that wonderful shade of blue, at which to pass the time and write some postcards.

P4120493.JPGP4120504 (1).JPGP4120506.JPGP4120510.JPGIt got even prettier in the eveningP4120514.JPGOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I did make stops in a couple of churches: the main cathedral, which had wonderful chanting playing while I was there:P4120490.JPGthe facade of the main Cathedral

and Iglesia San Antonia: note the prominent imagery of the sun and moon: P4120476.JPGP4120477.JPG

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