Lake Titicaca: Taquile Island

Our third stop on Lake Titicaca was Taquile Island, where we hiked up a few hundred stairs to check out another pre-Inca Templo de le Luna, learned about the meaning of some of the traditional clothing and had some delicious trout.

Approximately 2000 people live on Taquile Island and pretty much all are farmers. They plant corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, beans, barely and more.



Another example of terracing — creating steps in the hillside so that the rainwater flows downhill slower and doesn’t wash out all the good soil and crops. 

P4120436 (1).JPGA pre-Inca Templo de la Luna.P4120441.JPGMy tour group, minus our guide Alejandro. P4120446.JPGOur guide Alejandro explaining to us the meaning behind the traditional clothing of the islands of Lake Titicaca.

P4120456.JPGA traditional belt made by wives for their husbands. The women sew strands of their hair into the belts.

P4120452.JPGThis colorful hat is worn only by the ex-mayors of an island or ex-president of the entire group of islands.

P4120457.JPGA women’s hat, which is made for them by their husbands.

The Chilca plant, used for healing maladies like rheumatism and arthritis. P4120439 (1).JPG
The choctu plant is used as shampoo and for doing laundry. P4120467.JPGCrystal clear waters of Lake Titicaca. It was hard resist the urge to dive in. P4120461.JPGP4120465.JPGP4120460.JPG
I had half a trout and an omelet, along with rice, veggies, and, of course, potatoes. Note the shape of the plate!

There are several restaurants on the island, each run by 2-3 families, and the restaurants take turns serving tour groups so that the business is split up evenly.

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