Day trip to Bratislava

I took about a 2 hour train ride from Budapest to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. Had lots of fun hanging out with the statues around town, plus I found lots of cute streets, a neat town square, and a cool cafe.

P2200184.JPGThe train station in Bratislava

La Putika Cafe
P2200218.JPGP2200219 (1).JPG

P2200224.JPGOne side of the main square. P2200227.JPG
Walking through town . . .

The Schoner

P2200204.JPGP2200239.JPGMe and the “Schoner” — this is a statue of a former resident of Bratislava who used to walk around town tipping his hat and calling women “schon”, which means “pretty” in German. Now there’s a statue of him in Bratislava’s main square. I told him that I thought that he was handsome : ).

My man Cumil: 


P2200190.JPGP2200207.JPGP2200212.JPGHanging with Cumil, the sewer worker!

Napoleonic Soldier
He’s barefoot, has his hat over his eyes and is pretty goofy-looking. What feelings do you think that the designers of the statue, placed right in the city’s main square,

were trying to express about Napoleon’s Army, which besieged Bratislava in the early 19th Century (1800s)?




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