Budapest’s Chain Bridge at night

Took a fun nighttime boat tour on the Danube and then walked around Budapest.

Chain Bridge, built in the mid-19th century, was the first permanent bridge to span the Danube River and connect the once separate cities of Buda and Pest. Shortly after it was built, the cities were combined to become one city named Budapest. Today, Budapest is the capital of Hungary as well as the country’s largest and most important city for politics, culture and the economy.

Chain Bridge was built because a wealthy Hungarian, Count Istvan Szechenyi was stranded on one side of the river and had to wait a week before being able to attend his father’s funeral that was to be held on the other side. This was in the winter time when there were no ferries to take people between Buda and Pest, nor was there enough ice on the Danube River for Szechenyi to simply walk across.

He decided that enough was enough, so he funded the construction of Chain Bridge.  At the time that it was built, Chain Bridge became the second-longest suspension bridge in the world and today is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful bridges in the world. From what I’ve seen, I agree.

The bridge was destroyed by the Nazis in World War II (WWII) but was rebuilt in 1949.



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