Prague National Gallery

I went to the Trade Fair Palace (part of the Czech National Gallery in Prague) looking for the Slav Epic, but upon arriving, I found out that the collection had been on tour in Japan for months. As we learned at the Capitoline Museums in Rome, sometimes the art that you want to see in a museum has moved on. To my surprise, though, the museum has a wonderful collection of impressionist art! 

It was amazing to see works from masters like Van Gogh, Rodin, Picasso, Cezanne, Seurat and more without the crowds, glass barriers and security guards.

My favorite pieces were the bronze sculpture St. John the Baptist by Auguste Rodin and Green Corn by Van Gogh. I also met an amazing women Sigal who runs a program called Ghetto Film School that teaches students from underpriviliged backgrounds to make documentaries. What a day!

St. John the Baptist by Rodin



Above, The Martyr by Rodin, with St. John the Baptist in the background

Green Corn by Van GoghIMG_20170223_164520IMG_20170223_164528IMG_20170223_164508I love Van Gogh’s brushstrokes, which can be seen in the second and third images.

The Maria at Hornfleur by Georges Seurat
IMG_20170223_171509.jpgIMG_20170223_171514.jpgSeurat’s style is called Pointillism. Can you guess why?

Finally, as we know, visiting museums is exhausting, so you’ve got to refuel:






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