Prague’s Charles Bridge

The Charles Bridge crosses the Vltava River in Prague and was known as the Stone Bridge for the first 500 years of its existence.  Construction began on the bridge in the 14th century. The bridge is protected by three guard towers — two towers on the New Town side and one on the Old Town side — and has 30 statues lining its sides. With a views of the lazy Vltava River, the red tile and green copper roofs and the spires of Prague, it’s easy to see why the Charles Bridge is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city.

IMG_20170222_130802View of Charles Bridge from the Old Town side

Above, it was a cold, rainy and windy day.

Left, the bridge with Prague Castle in the background; Center, a crowd admiring one of the bridge’s statues; Right, red tile roofs and Prague Castle

One of the statues has an interesting story behind it. It is a statue of Jesus on the cross with gold Hebrew writing on it. What is Hebrew writing doing on a Christian statue? Well, the apparently a Jewish resident of Prague was accused of being disrespectful of the statue as he walked by it, so the government made the Jewish community pay to have this Hebrew phrase “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts” put up on the statue. Was this man actually disrespectful of the statue? Who knows, but he was Jewish and was accused of it, so that was all the evidence needed.



IMG_20170222_133155The two towers guarding the Charles Bridge on the New Town side, and a view from beneath the towers



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