First stop in Prague — Jan Hus memorial (Martin Luther 1.0)

About a century before Martin Luther shook the European world with his 95 theses exposing corruption on the Catholic Church, Jan Hus led a revolt against the Church for its corruption, unfair treatment of the poor and practices which created distance between the people and their God.The old town square in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, has a memorial built to this dissident who previewed for the world Martin Luther’s movement to clean up some of the Catholic Church’s most corrupt practices.

For his beliefs and actions, Hus was excommunicated (kicked out) of the Catholic Church, like being expelled from your school but more severe and eventually burned at the stake. Today Hus is considered the most important figure in Czech history and is admired worldwide.


Jan Hus and his followers, the Hussites.

Beautiful Old Town Square on a cold grey morning



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