The David’s original location

From its completion in the early 16th Century through the late 19th Century, Michelangelo’s David in the Piazza della Signora — outside with no protection from the elements or potential accidents and vandals. Imagine what could have happened to this masterpiece! In fact, the worst almost did occur. The building behind David is the old city hall where politicians debated and voted on laws. During an uprising, when crowds gathered outside of the building to protest those in power, someone threw some a bench out of a window at the people below. The bench hit David and broke off his left arm, just missing destroying the entire statue.

Since 1873, David has been inside the Accademia Museum where it is much safer. It is now protected by a glass barrier, alarms, and security guards.

Which of the GRAPES (Geography, Religion, Art/Architecture/Achievements, Political Systems, Economic Systems, Social Classes) do you think this story can fit into? Explain your answer below.


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