Michelangelo’s David

After a few days in Rome, I went to Florence where my top priority was to see Michelangelo’s David at the Accademia Museum. This statue is the symbol of the Renaissance (so Anaya will like this one a lot, I hope).  For centuries, European artists were focused only depicting scenes from the Bible or creating art that praised their god, instead of accurately portraying the human body, or any worldly (stuff that is not related to religious events or beliefs) images, but the during the Renaissance artists became more concerned with accurate depictions of life on Earth. This attitude in art went along with a different way of thinking – that humans mattered, that what we did on Earth was important, and that we weren’t on Earth just to get to heaven, therefore realistic portrayals of our lives were necessary.

David is so realistic that I have to remind myself that he’s made of marble and that there’s no blood flowing through his veins. I even refer to the statue as “him” instead of “it.”


The line to see David was 100s deep even before the museum opened, and even on a cold December morning. It’s like we were waiting for the new J’s.



Also, there’s another classic Mr. Kent mistake in my David videos  — I say that David is 17′ tall, but he is actually 14′.



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