The prostitute or the she-wolf?


Rome’s creation myth is a good one. Mars, the god of war, rapes a woman named Rhea Silvia. Her husband finds out and takes his anger out on Rhea Silver and the children, a set of twins, conceived from the rape. The husband sends the twin boys, Romulus and Remus, down the Tiber River in a basket of reeds (much like Moses from the Bible is sent down the Nile River in a basket of reeds).

The twin boys are discovered by a she-wolf, who suckles (breast-feeds) them to keep them alive. This wolf protects them until they are discovered by a farmer and his wife, who adopt them.

The word for female wolf in Latin is “lupa.” However, in Latin the word for prostitute is that same word, “lupa”, so who do you think really saved the boys: the prostitute or the she-wolf?



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