Trapdoors at the Colosseum

The walls behind me were once beneath the floor of the Colosseum and were part of a complex system of hallways, tunnels and rooms to add the element of surprise to whatever was going in the Colosseum. There was a system of levers and pulleys to lift up animals, trees, even hills from below ground through trapdoors to put on a great show. These trapdoors were also used to remove dead animals from the arena floor.

Gladiators, who often were former slaves or prisoners and sometimes rose to the fame and fortune just like sports, movie and pop stars of today, had to be ready for ferocious animals to pop up from out of nowhere! Another amazing fact about the Colosseum.


Which of the GRAPES (Geography, Religion, Art/Architecture/Achievements, Political Systems, Economic Systems, Social Classes) can you find in this post? Let me know in the comments below.


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