Making coffee = river valley civilization

The first civilizations started up in river valleys because of the fertile soil (good for growing crops). Why is the soil next to rivers particularly fertile? Here’s how that happens:

  1. a river floods (overflows its banks), and the flood waters bring soil from the bottom of the river with them to the land next to river
  2. the flood waters recede (the river returns to normal)
  3. the soil from the river bottom that is brought by the flood waters stays outside of the river
  4. that soil is rich in nutrients (because of all the plants and animals that have died in or near river and decomposed in the river), so it is great for planting crops
  5. people eventually realized where the best soil was and stayed in those places to build their villages

Here’s the coffee example :

  1. coffee grounds in the filter = soil on the bottom of the riverbed
  2. boiling water that I pour on top of the coffee grounds = the flood waters
  3. water draining through to the bottom of the coffee carafe = flood waters receding
  4. coffee grounds left over = the nutrient rich soil



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