Travel Tip #2: Stay in hostels to save $


Stay in hostels instead of hotels and you’ll save a lot of money and make many new friends while you’re at it. In a hostel, guests sleep in rooms with other travelers, and there are shared common spaces like the kitchen, bathroom and living room. You’ll meet lots of other young people from all over the world at your hostel.

I met a couple from the country Belarus — can you find it on a map? In what ways could meeting people your own age from other parts of the world impact your life? 


  1. HI Mr.Kent its Fatoumata and I think that this place is Geography because its a place and country i think and also deals with ,Social Structure because I class such as middle class etc.Lastly this place also deals with Art/Achievements because it was made out of nature and also it an achievement because if u go travel to this place and you have no family their,and you weren’t thinking ahead about where u would stay u have some place to go and the bill isn’t that high means better.


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